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Prendre des Décisions Rapides et Éclairées
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Are you ready to reveal your team's potential? Embark with your team on a transformative journey to unleash the full potential of your team and each of its individuals through our comprehensive year-long programme. Rooted in Collective Intelligence facilitation, this programme draws inspiration from the Flow Research Collective, Positive Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Jungian archetypes, Mindell's processes, and Eastern philosophy.
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Raphaelle provides personalised guidance and comprehensive support rooted in her expertise, career and education. The women's mentoring programme focuses on cultivating your individual executive presence and leveraging your network for organisational success.
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Ever pondered your natural way of taking action? We all have our unique modus operandi, and decoding it can be a game-changer for thriving in your own skin. The Conation Code is a quiz inspired by the Kolbe Instinct Test. It's not about how you think (your cognitive mind) or feel (your emotional mind); it's all about your conative mind—the instinctive way you take action. If 'conative' sounds mysterious, join the club! Yet, it's the key to understanding how you operate on autopilot.
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Ready to turn aspirations into achievements? With the 12-month Accountability and Coaching Programme, master life and pro goals with a year of expert coaching and dedicated support.
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Ready to turn aspirations into tangible achievements? Through our ongoing Accountability and Coaching Programme, transform your personal, professional, and business goals into realities, one step at a time. How does it work? You decide where to begin. We convene bi-weekly to support your journey towards your ideal life. You pay a monthly subscription, cancellable any time.
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Users Questions
What is StrengthWise, and how can you help me?

StrengthWise is your personal 'Growth Partner.' We offer coaching and consulting services to help executive professionals, managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs excel in their roles and lead fulfilling lives.

Who are the coaches at StrengthWise?

Our team comprises experienced and dedicated coaches who are certified, multilingual, and have lived and worked in various countries. They bring expertise from diverse fields, having firsthand business experience before transitioning to coaching. This selection ensures we match the globalisation of today's business landscape. Meet our fantastic team on our "Meet the Team" page.

How do I schedule a Discovery Call with a coach?

Booking a Discovery Call is a breeze! Visit our "Services" page, select "Discovery Call," and follow the straightforward steps to book a time that suits you. You can choose a specific coach or opt for a general overview of StrengthWise's services.

Can I attend your workshops online or in person?

Absolutely! We offer both online and in-person workshops to fit your preferences and needs. Check in-person availability with our coaches.

What makes StrengthWise unique as a coaching and consulting service?

At StrengthWise, we're all about blending expertise with a personal touch. We're your partners in growth, providing bespoke solutions and ongoing support to help you succeed. We take a holistic approach to personal and professional development and embrace the dynamic concept of balance between work and life.

Do you offer services for businesses and organisations, as well as individuals?

Yes, we offer services for individuals, teams, and organisations. Our flexible approach ensures we cater to a diverse range of clients, whether they're managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, or professionals aspiring to grow.