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Ready to unveil the secret sauce of your leadership prowess? Whether you're steering teams, leading a business, or rocking the entrepreneurial game, the Leadership Profiler is your guide to understanding and refining your natural leadership style. And most of all, is there a way for you to get better at the job? If you're all about personal growth and honing leadership finesse, this quiz is your playground.



Feeling the burnout of chasing success in today's demanding workplace? The Performance SustainAbility Check steps in to dismantle performance into eight key elements, offering you the tools to become consciously competent in enhancing both your performance and well-being. Success doesn't have to come at the cost of burnout.



Curious about the heartbeat of your team and their engagement level in the business? Whether you're a dedicated manager, visionary leader, or a hustling entrepreneur, deciphering your team's pulse is paramount for success. Enter the TeamBeat—a quiz tailored to assess and fine-tune your team's performance and engagement levels.



Ever wonder if your own thoughts might be holding you back? Meet your inner saboteurs – those sneaky voices whispering you're not good enough or don't deserve better. They're your own worst enemies, causing stress, self-doubt, strained relationships, and impaired decision-making. Discover the 10 Saboteurs identified by Shirzad Chamine, author of "Positive Intelligence," formed in childhood to protect but now limiting your potential as an adult.



Ever thought about training your brain like you hit the gym? That's Mental Fitness – the golden ticket to achieving goals, dodging stress grenades, and staying cool under pressure. Think of it as reps for your mind, and here's the kicker: you can actually train it! The stronger your mental muscle, the more challenges you can handle without breaking a sweat. Most people, however, score below the optimal mental fitness level.


Why the Quiz Buzz?

Dive into quizzes for their uncanny ability to blend entertainment with enlightenment. Here’s why hitting that "Start" button is a smart move.

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Interactive Content

Quizzes are the Swiss Army knife of content – entertaining, enlightening, and engaging. They're not just a way to kill time; they’re interactive journeys that stick with you. By merely engaging, you're learning, one question at a time.

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Instant Gratification

Every submission gifts you insights and a dash of dopamine, regardless of the outcome. It’s like having your cake and being told it’s calorie-free. In the realm of coaching, connecting insights to emotions fast-tracks progress.

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Customised Insights

Think of quizzes as your personal fitness app, tracking and adapting to your workout progress. Quizzes are your personal growth barometers, letting you benchmark your uniqueness, target your actions and visualise your evolution with every attempt.


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Frequently Asked Quetions

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What is StrengthWise, and how can you help me?

StrengthWise is your personal 'Growth Partner.' We offer coaching and consulting services to help executive professionals, managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs excel in their roles and lead fulfilling lives.

Who are the coaches at StrengthWise?

Our team comprises experienced and dedicated coaches who are certified, multilingual, and have lived and worked in various countries. They bring expertise from diverse fields, having firsthand business experience before transitioning to coaching. This selection ensures we match the globalisation of today's business landscape. Meet our fantastic team on our "Meet the Team" page.

How do I schedule a Discovery Call with a coach?

Booking a Discovery Call is a breeze! Visit our "Services" page, select "Discovery Call," and follow the straightforward steps to book a time that suits you. You can choose a specific coach or opt for a general overview of StrengthWise's services.

Can I attend your workshops online or in person?

Absolutely! We offer both online and in-person workshops to fit your preferences and needs. Check in-person availability with our coaches.

What makes StrengthWise unique as a coaching and consulting service?

At StrengthWise, we're all about blending expertise with a personal touch. We're your partners in growth, providing bespoke solutions and ongoing support to help you succeed. We take a holistic approach to personal and professional development and embrace the dynamic concept of balance between work and life.

Do you offer services for businesses and organisations, as well as individuals?

Yes, we offer services for individuals, teams, and organisations. Our flexible approach ensures we cater to a diverse range of clients, whether they're managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, or professionals aspiring to grow.

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