Meet your Saboteurs

Meet your Saboteurs

Are you sometimes self-sabotaging your success or happiness?

Let’s meet your inner saboteurs. Those inner voices telling you that you're not good enough, or that you don't deserve better, are your own worst enemies. They're the saboteurs lurking in your mind, causing stress, strained relationships, self-doubt, impaired decision-making and unhappiness.

Discover the 10 Saboteurs, identified by the bestselling author of ""Positive Intelligence,"" Shirzad Chamine. We all have saboteurs within us, formed in childhood to protect us but now limiting our potential as adults.

Uncover your dominant saboteur and gain the power to neutralise its effects:

πŸš€ Boost self-awareness and emotional control.

🀝 Strengthen relationships and decision-making.

🌟 Reduce stress, enhance resilience, and well-being.

πŸ“ˆ Improve performance and align with your values.

🌱 Foster personal growth and development.

Here is a hint: the Judge, the universal saboteur, afflicts everyone. It's the relentless inner critic that undermines you and activates its accomplice saboteurs, causing setbacks and harm to your relationships.

Ready to take the test and discover all your saboteurs?

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Discovering your result:

– What do you understand?
– What does this make you experience?
– What do you want to do?
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