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Ready to turn aspirations into achievements? With the 12-month Accountability and Coaching Programme, master life and pro goals with a year of expert coaching and dedicated support.

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Who's It For:

Professionals seeking career advancement without compromising relationships or health. Ideal after a 2.5-hour Strategic Visioning Session.

What's Included:

• 1:1 Coaching: 48 sessions for personal, professional, or business growth. Featuring life coaching, NLP, and health insights. 

• Tailored Resources: Exercises, readings, or videos aligned with your goals. 

• PQ 6-week Program available on your smartphone: A $995 value on Positive Intelligence website, your personal brain coach for getting your mind in tip-top shape.

What You'll Gain:

• Clear Goal Setting: Articulate personalised goals. 

• Actionable Plans: Customised steps for goal achievement. 

• Accountability Measures: Regular check-ins for commitment. 

• Work-Life Balance: Guidance for a healthy life-professional equilibrium. 

• Results Celebration: Tangible outcomes celebrated at milestones. 

• Empowering Support: Encouragement to make informed choices. 

• Skill Development: Cultivate skills for continuous improvement.

Why This Programme:

Embarking on a transformative journey requires more than just fleeting insights; it demands a commitment to continuous growth. That's why our Accountability and Coaching Programme unfolds over 3, 6, or 12 months – a deliberate choice to foster lasting change.

While aha moments can spark during brief discussions, we believe in the power of sustained processes. Recognising that habits take time to shift, we draw from empirical evidence that approximately 66 days are needed for enduring change. Automation and lasting transformation are born out of repetition, ingrained over time.

Our approach isn't just about altering behaviours; it's a strategic focus on identity change, the pinnacle of lasting transformation. By investing in a comprehensive programme, we guide you through the journey of reinforcing new habits, aligning your identity, and effecting change from the roots up. Lasting change is a nuanced orchestration, and our extended programme ensures the melody of transformation echoes in your life for the long term.

Steps to Complete:


When booking, you'll be asked to provide your details and to acknowledge our coaching agreement, privacy policy, and code of ethics. Paperwork stops there. Any additional information can be shared in our first session.

The Sessions:

• Each 60-minute online coaching session is easily scheduled via a provided link or during a prior session. We encourage maintaining a regular time slot for ease of convenience.

• Should you need to reschedule, we're happy to accommodate with at least 24 hours' notice. Our 3, 6, and 12-month programmes include mutually agreed-upon 1, 2, and 4-week breaks, respectively.

• Sessions are customised to align with your personal, professional, or business goals. While we offer guidance, your priorities shape the agenda.

• As part of this package, you gain access to the esteemed PQ Program from Positive Intelligence, valued at $995 on their site. Accessible via a smartphone app, the 6-week program enhances mental fitness, similar to training physical muscles. Proven benefits include increased happiness and productivity, with thousands having already experienced success. We recommend starting the PQ program soon after your first coaching session to maximise its benefits.

Client Testimonials
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This lady knows and loves what she does! If you want to find the reasons why you struggle and answers how to get out of that situation, you definitely should contact Raphaelle and make your dreams come true. Highly recommend!!!
Flower Artist
I had great sessions
Teacher | Translater
I use Raphaelle's services as a career & life coach. Raphaelle is an excellent coach! Talented, clever and very helpful. Our sessions are well-structured and productive. We’ve been connecting via Zoom for ease of convenience. If anyone is looking for a coach, I would fully recommend Raphaelle and her sessions.
CIO | ESG, AI, Smart Tech

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