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54 Mighty Mind Coaching Cards for Professionals, Self-Discovery, Critical Thinking, & Business Excellence

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Who's It For:

Whether you're a coach guiding clients toward breakthroughs, a team leader or HR professional fostering team dynamics, an individual committed to self-improvement, or a social enthusiast keen to break the ice in any group events, these coaching cards are your companion on the journey to excellence.

What You'll Get:

• Coaching Awesomeness

Dive into mind-bending concepts blending NLP, coaching, and positive psychology. Our provocative cards are meant to make you think outside the box, developing creativity and problem solving skills.

• Design Brainpower

Ever seen a square card that’s a work of art? Why settle for dull when you can unbox genius? Learning should be like a cool party – and our unique design brings the fun.

• Wisdom Anywhere

The cards are your versatile sidekick. looking for self-discovery, business excellence, or just spicing up a meeting? Therapist, coach, leader, or just a curious mind – be sure the deck will bring you value.

• Green Mindfulness

Join the green team with our FSC certified cards. Because being awesome should also mean being kind to our playground – Earth!

Why These Cards:

Coaching cards are usually a snooze. With ours, art meets insight, and symbols tap into the subconscious. We saw a gap, so we filled it – say hello to effortless reflection, sparking change in your world, one card at a time.

Steps to Complete:

Purchase the cards on Amazon  across Europe with our link. If Amazon doesn't deliver to your country, reach out to us directly.

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