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Are you ready to reveal your team's potential? Embark with your team on a transformative journey to unleash the full potential of your team and each of its individuals through our comprehensive year-long programme. Rooted in Collective Intelligence facilitation, this programme draws inspiration from the Flow Research Collective, Positive Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Jungian archetypes, Mindell's processes, and Eastern philosophy.

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Are you ready to reveal your team's potential?

Embark with your team on a transformative journey to unleash the full potential of your team and each of its individuals through our comprehensive year-long programme. Rooted in Collective Intelligence facilitation, this programme draws inspiration from the Flow Research Collective, Positive Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Jungian archetypes, Mindell's processes, and Eastern philosophy.

Tailored to benefit both the team and the individuals, the programme aims to cultivate individual leaderships, enhance collaboration, and foster resilience. Join us on a unique exploration of personal and professional development, where authenticity and teamwork take centre stage.

Who's It For:

This experience is tailored for a select group of 5 to 20 individuals seeking to uncover their authentic leadership style and elevate their team dynamics. The group may be:

• Established teams aiming to enhance cooperation, decision-making and leadership,

• Boards,

• Project teams,

• Associates, departments, and collectives.

The programme is designed for all and any team player who wants to fully assert their position in the team.

What You'll Gain:

For the Team:

Accelerated Team Cooperation: Receive profound feedback from your team, understanding its dynamics, resources, and untapped potentials.

Insight into Relationship Dynamics: Shed light on relational dynamics beyond individual intentions, resolving known or underlying conflicts.

Enhanced Team Cohesion: Strengthen team bonds and invite members to be more authentic, dropping masks for genuine collaboration.

Collective Progress Identification: Identify areas for collective improvement, fostering an environment of trust, empathy, and tolerance.

For the Individual:

Authentic Leadership Affirmation: Embrace and integrate all facets of your personality to affirm your authentic leadership.

Increased Self-awareness: Gain deeper insights into how you're perceived by others beyond your intentions.

Emotional Intelligence Development: Enhance your ability to collaborate with diverse profiles and facilitate team collaboration.

Discovery of Untapped Potential: Identify underutilised or unexplored strengths within yourself.

Concrete Progress and Actionable Plans: Recognise areas for improvement and leave with tangible action plans.

Why Team Performance Matters:

In an era defined by relentless demands and constant environmental shifts, the significance of team performance cannot be overstated. The emerging field of Collective Intelligence facilitation stands as a pivotal asset in navigating these challenges. Our innovative programme goes beyond the conventional, drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as the Flow Research Collective, Positive Intelligence, the Jungian archetypes or constellation works.

Navigating the Complexity

Industries today often witness collaborators with tremendous synergies, yet find themselves entangled in the web of competition, be it for the same bonus pool, client base, or more. This delicate balance between collaboration and competition becomes a focal point. How can teams leverage their individual strengths without succumbing to internal rivalries? Our programme is designed to unravel this challenge, transforming potential rivalry into a collaborative powerhouse.

The Strength in Every Team Member

Another critical aspect is acknowledging that every team member is not just a mere count but an indispensable element for the team's success. Gone are the days of a few 'alphas' driving the show. Our workshop sheds light on the strengths often overlooked, the quiet force that propels the team forward. It's about recognising and harnessing the unique contributions of every team member, creating a symphony of skills that is not just harmonious but essential for unparalleled team success.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Beyond individual brilliance lies the power of diversity and inclusion. Teams often struggle when the unique talents within their midst that remain untapped. Our programme emphasises the importance of diversity, embracing various cultural backgrounds or neurodiversity. It's about unlocking the full spectrum of talents that each team member brings to the table. In a world where diversity is not just a buzzword but a strategic advantage, our programme guides teams in recognising and utilising the unique strengths of each member.

Beyond Individual Brilliance

Our programme delves into the realms of authenticity and collaboration, addressing the need for a nuanced approach in a world that demands more than conventional leadership. Team performance becomes not just a metric but a strategic imperative, especially when dealing with intricate relationships within competitive environments.

Meeting the Collective Challenge

Individual brilliance is no longer enough. The collective intelligence of a team is the secret sauce for success. Our programme equips you with the tools to leverage this collective potential, harmonising individual strengths within a team dynamic.

Adaptability in Action

In the face of environmental uncertainty, adaptability is paramount. Team performance serves as the anchor, providing a stable platform for adaptation. It's about preparing not just for today's challenges but for the dynamic landscape of tomorrow.

Trust, Cohesion, and Resilience

Collaboration flourishes in an environment of trust, cohesion, and resilience. Our programme places emphasis on these pillars, recognising them as the bedrock of high-performing teams. Beyond individual brilliance, the collective strength built on trust and understanding propels teams towards unparalleled success.

In essence, team performance matters because it transforms collaboration from a mere necessity into a strategic advantage. It's about unlocking the latent potential within your team, fostering a culture of authenticity, embracing diversity, and navigating the intricacies of modern professional landscapes with finesse.

How We Approach It:

StrengthWise's corporate training is a finely tuned process, seamlessly integrating tangible business methods into our clients' organisations.

The program unfold over a robust 12-month span, featuring monthly workshops lasting 6 hours each. The support provided is unwavering throughout, available on-site, at a StrengthWise serviced office, or conveniently online. This sustained approach ensures a comprehensive and impactful training experience for our clients.

Clients seamlessly integrate each phase of their business process before moving on to the next stage of the programme, allowing employees to plan study time around work commitments. This method yields enhanced programme benefits over a sustainable period, ensuring a substantial return on investment.

Our tailored programmes concentrate on implementing specific business processes, simplifying the quantification of return on investment for clients. Regardless of the geographic spread of a client's workforce, our unique approach effortlessly unites them to collectively learn and implement targeted business processes. This global-local synergy ensures an international service with a personalised touch.

What's The Curriculum:

Month 1: Strategic Team Dynamics Kickoff

Dive into the intricacies of team dynamics, unraveling the keys to engagement, motivation, and sustained growth. This month lays the foundation for becoming a strategic navigator in team development, equipping you with tools to cultivate passion and steer both personal and professional growth.

Month 2: Unlock Individual Strengths

Engage in a deep dive into the unique strengths of each team member, utilising assessments like Myers-Briggs and Kolbe. Seamlessly foster collaboration by identifying and leveraging individual strengths. Concrete strategies and actionable insights will guide your team towards a collaborative masterpiece.

Month 3: Decode the Communication Matrix

Elevate your team's communication game. Navigate the nuances of teamwork dynamics and provide immediate feedback for enhanced performance. Concrete tactics, rooted in neuroscience, will transform your team into a high-performance communication powerhouse.

Month 4: Crafting Resilient Minds

Embark on a mental fitness journey, sculpting emotional intelligence and gaining mastery over self-saboteurs. This month focuses on tuning mental acuity to navigate challenges with strategic finesse. Concrete frameworks will build a resilient mindset for enduring success.

Month 5: Experiment  Team Alchemy

Immerse your team in instinctive communication, archetypal scenarios, and constructive feedback loops. Leverage embodied experiences to strengthen team bonds and nurture growth. Practical exercises and immersive scenarios create a strategic alchemy for team success.

Month 6: Cultivate Team Identity

Collaboratively define core values, mold culture, and clarify your team's purpose. Practical workshops guide your team through the process of crafting a unique identity, fostering a culture that aligns with organisational goals.

Month 7: Strategic Goal Setting

Clarify your team's vision, understand the challenge-skill dynamic, and create a vivid, actionable vision. Align personal and team aspirations for strategic goal setting. Practical methodologies ensure your team's vision is not just aspirational but achievable.

Month 8: Strategic Planning in Action

Craft a lean and effective One Page Strategic Plan, align accountability styles, and synchronise team efforts with the organisational vision. This month is about turning strategic plans into tangible actions, fostering a culture of execution.

Month 9: Optimising Time for Results

Explore multitasking truths, implement the Eisenhower Matrix, and identify the 20% that yields 80% results. Practical time-management techniques, rooted in neuroscience, equip your team with skills for optimal productivity whether working remotely or asynchronously.

Month 10: Appreciation in Action

Implement The 5 Languages of Appreciation, fostering a culture of recognition and support. Practical strategies to create a workplace where appreciation is not just a sentiment but an actionable part of your team's culture.

Month 11: Group Flow Dynamics

Discover the magic of Group Flow, understand triggers and cyclicality, and foster curiosity and innovation within your team. Concrete methods will guide your team towards a state of collective brilliance.

Month 12: Feed Forward for Team Growth

Envision the future through Feed Forward, establish team priorities, and initiate behavioural changes. Practical exercises ensure that your team is not just prepared for current challenges but strategically positioned for future growth.

Steps to Complete:

Pre-Session Preparation:

Pack your curiosity and an open mind. From time to time, we might advise you some optional readings or viewings before the sessions.

During Session:

Let yourself flow with the group. Forget about taking notes; there'll be dedicated time for that. Enjoy a short break in the morning and afternoon, plus a longer one for lunch.

Sessions will be highly interactive with a dynamic presentation of the theme, followed by back-to-back exercises and practical applications, ensuring you not only grasp the ideas but truly own them through hands-on experience. Get ready to learn by doing.


We may give you assignments after some of the sessions. Not to worry about workload, it should largely fit your busy schedule.

You're not alone post-session. Feel the need to follow up after an intensive day? Each individual can book one individual 30-minute session during the one-year programme or in the 3 months following the programme —it's part of your package.

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