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We're not about just unlocking your potential; we're here to help you blend the magic of well-being with peak performance.
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One size never fits all in the process of achievement

Step into a coaching or consulting experience where you're not just another client, but the focal point of our journey together. With a boutique approach, I offer tailored solutions that address your unique needs and aspirations. Grounded in a process-based methodology, refined from experiences in larger organisations, I bring the best of both worlds to the table.
With a wealth of multi-cultural business experiences, I walk the talk and am dedicated to providing you with a rich tapestry of resources that reflect today's dynamic global landscape. Whether you're seeking guidance online or in person, I'm committed to crafting strategies that empower you and your business to grow.
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Leadership Excellence

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Business Growth

Achieve professional success
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Coaching and Consulting Services
Empower yourself with our personalized coaching and consulting services. Our experienced team is here to guide you towards leadership excellence and a more fulfilling life.
Leadership Excellence
Unlock your leadership potential with our comprehensive programs and personalized coaching. Develop the skills and mindset necessary to lead with confidence and inspire positive change.
Business Consulting
Take your business to new heights with our strategic consulting services. Our experts will help you identify opportunities, overcome challenges, and achieve professional success and well-being.
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From Leadership Excellence...
Empower yourself with our bespoke blend of executive, life, and mindset coaching. Recognising that a realised leader is also an individual on a growth journey, and a thriving team requires a conductor, we delve with you into your individual journey to fulfilment. Successful Businesses
Partner with us for comprehensive programmes elevating team spirit and performance. Our expertise extends to consulting services, equipping you with the precise tools to amplify your success.

Some things we will do together

Unlock Your Leadership Potential with StrengthWise Coaching

Achieve Work-Life Balance and Professional Success

Our coaching and consulting services empower leaders and entrepreneurs to refine their leadership skills, strike a work-life balance, and achieve professional success.

Transform Your Leadership Style and Drive Results

At StrengthWise, we help leaders and entrepreneurs discover their distinctive leadership style, drive results, and create a positive impact within their organisations.

Cultivate Mental
Amid Change

Our coaching services help you navigate the dynamic professional landscape, fostering mental resilience to gain clarity, embrace a happier mindset, and navigate uncertainty and work challenges with confidence.

Marginal Change for Big Impact

Leading With Heart

Consciously Competent

Better Together

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.
Jim Rohn
Success Story
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Embarking on a transformative journey with Raphaelle has been incredibly rewarding. She not only encouraged me to appreciate good habits supporting my well-being but also played a pivotal role in shaping a strategic vision for my business and navigating its challenges. Raphaelle's infectious enthusiasm, knowledge, and unwavering support were constructively persuasive throughout the process.
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It's in the stars... it's in the numbers.

Empower yourself with our personalised coaching and consulting services. Our experienced team is here to guide you towards leadership excellence and a more fulfilling life.

  • The coaching is tailored to you so you can grow
  • Online or on-site, we partner from multiple locations
  • Our coaches have walked the business talk
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"Aha" insights and moments of clarity!

Everyday expand your knowledge with our proven programme

During our journey, we'll introduce you to various exercises and methods to help you craft the life and the business you're worthy of. Here are just a few to get started.

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Unlock Your Leadership Potential Today!

Discover how our coaching services can help you achieve your goals and lead with excellence.

Uncover the Perfect Course of Action for You

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Step One

Complete one or several of our unique quizzes to assess your individual needs.

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Step Two

Book a Discovery Call and receive personalised  recommendations based on your quizzes responses and your expressed needs.

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Step Three

Explore our recommended courses of action and choose the one that suits you best.

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Step Four

Enrol in your chosen programme and embark on your journey to higher success, fulfilment, and performance.

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Personalised Engagement, Global Impact

Regardless of the geographic spread of your workforce, our unique approach effortlessly unites them to collectively learn and implement targeted business processes. This global-local synergy ensures an international service with a personalised touch.

Partners and Memberships”

While we’re here to support you, Meet the partners that help us grow
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Positive Intelligence
PQ applied to our coaching practice

The Positive Intelligence or PQ program is an app-guided program to rewire the brain for peak performance and happiness.

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Business Coaching & Consulting

Mindvalley provides certifications, continuous education and a strong contributing community for coaches enabling them to be better.

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European Women On Boards
EWOB Member

EWOB strengthen the leadership curriculum and cross-border networks of senior female leaders from all European regions. 

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The Digital Coaching Platform

As a certified business coach for CoachHub, Raphaelle has experienced digital coaching from the best.

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Your Other Workspace

A unique workspace located on the hills of Monaco where your team can create and connect.

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Dare to Lead Differently

A French pioneering association that supports entrepreneurs and executives to lead with a vision

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The Hub for all things around coaching

The largest worldwide resource for professional coaches, and the source for those who are seeking a coach.

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The "Go To"​ body for mentoring, coaching, and supervision

The EMCC exists to develop, promote and set the expectation of best practice in mentoring, coaching, and supervision globally.

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The world’s leading integrative health and education platform, offering courses on health coaching, Ayurveda & more

Being an Integrative Health Coach is a key asset in StrengthWise’s objective is to help you blend the magic of well-being with peak performance.

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Association for NLP
The Supervisory Authority for NLP Professionals

All ANLP Members have to go through certain processes to become a Member, which encourage best practice, accountability and responsibility.

Traveler, there is no path. The path is made by walking…
Antonio Machado

Frequently Asked Quetions

Users Questions
What is StrengthWise, and how can you help me?

StrengthWise is your personal 'Growth Partner.' We offer coaching and consulting services to help executive professionals, managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs excel in their roles and lead fulfilling lives.

Who are the coaches at StrengthWise?

Our team comprises experienced and dedicated coaches who are certified, multilingual, and have lived and worked in various countries. They bring expertise from diverse fields, having firsthand business experience before transitioning to coaching. This selection ensures we match the globalisation of today's business landscape. Meet our fantastic team on our "Meet the Team" page.

How do I schedule a Discovery Call with a coach?

Booking a Discovery Call is a breeze! Visit our "Services" page, select "Discovery Call," and follow the straightforward steps to book a time that suits you. You can choose a specific coach or opt for a general overview of StrengthWise's services.

Can I attend your workshops online or in person?

Absolutely! We offer both online and in-person workshops to fit your preferences and needs. Check in-person availability with our coaches.

What makes StrengthWise unique as a coaching and consulting service?

At StrengthWise, we're all about blending expertise with a personal touch. We're your partners in growth, providing bespoke solutions and ongoing support to help you succeed. We take a holistic approach to personal and professional development and embrace the dynamic concept of balance between work and life.

Do you offer services for businesses and organisations, as well as individuals?

Yes, we offer services for individuals, teams, and organisations. Our flexible approach ensures we cater to a diverse range of clients, whether they're managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, or professionals aspiring to grow.

Every journey starts with small decision. For us it will be a short call where we will get to know each other.
Raphaelle Hernu

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