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Become consciously competent in enhancing your performance and wellbeing with the SustainAbility Check.
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Grow your critical thinking and business excellence with the Mighty Mind coaching cards.
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Craft a personalised roadmap to turn your business dreams into reality.
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Hit 'Play' on growth. From visioning to accountability, level up your game with coaching that's as individual as your playlist. Or choose group coaching if that suits your needs better.
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Elevate organisational performance with our expertise in leadership, strategy, people engagement, and team dynamics. Our process-driven services, backed by a team of diverse consultants, ensure your success is as multi-faceted as we are.
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Searching outside the box? Explore our diverse offerings, from special events, on-going workshops, to books and coaching cards. Whether for continuous personal or professional growth, savour all the extras on our Growth Menu.

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Client Testimonials
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Expérience enrichissante et structurée. Raphaelle permet de nous voir autrement.
Chartered Accountant
Moment intense de partage et de mise en jeu. Écoute et bienveillance mutuelles conduisent au questionnement nécessaire et à des pistes d'ajustement utiles. Réassurance et cohérence sont le fruit de ce travail; à recommander !
Business Owner
Méthode extrêmement efficace pour prendre conscience en une seule journée de l'impact de notre façon d'être sur les autres que nous avons à manager. Je recommande d'autant que Raphaelle Hernu sait avec beaucoup de talent et de délicatesse amener les participants à travailler en confiance et en profondeur.
Managing Director
Merci Raphaëlle pour cet atelier "Leadership authentique" pendant lequel j'ai beaucoup appris sur moi-même, ma posture et ma présence professionnelle. Le cadre de travail que tu mets en place libère la parole et les énergies et permet de mieux se connaître et se positionner. Authenticité et engagement sont pour moi les clés d'un leadership bienveillant. La forme, le cadre de travail, permet d'aborder le sujet du leadership dans la dimension de l'image que l'on perçoit / renvoie de soi, ce qui est riche d'enseignement, de prise de conscience et de marge de progression. Le temps de parole et de réflexion accordé à chacun, dans un climat de confiance et de liberté savamment orchestré par Raphaëlle, offre une perspective énorme de travail et de progression, sur les plans individuel et collectif.
Managing Director
I had great sessions
Teacher | Translater
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Every journey starts with small decision. For us it will be a short call where we will get to know each other.
Raphaelle Hernu

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Frequently Asked Quetions

Users Questions
What is StrengthWise, and how can you help me?

StrengthWise is your personal 'Growth Partner.' We offer coaching and consulting services to help executive professionals, managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs excel in their roles and lead fulfilling lives.

Who are the coaches at StrengthWise?

Our team comprises experienced and dedicated coaches who are certified, multilingual, and have lived and worked in various countries. They bring expertise from diverse fields, having firsthand business experience before transitioning to coaching. This selection ensures we match the globalisation of today's business landscape. Meet our fantastic team on our "Meet the Team" page.

How do I schedule a Discovery Call with a coach?

Booking a Discovery Call is a breeze! Visit our "Services" page, select "Discovery Call," and follow the straightforward steps to book a time that suits you. You can choose a specific coach or opt for a general overview of StrengthWise's services.

Can I attend your workshops online or in person?

Absolutely! We offer both online and in-person workshops to fit your preferences and needs. Check in-person availability with our coaches.

What makes StrengthWise unique as a coaching and consulting service?

At StrengthWise, we're all about blending expertise with a personal touch. We're your partners in growth, providing bespoke solutions and ongoing support to help you succeed. We take a holistic approach to personal and professional development and embrace the dynamic concept of balance between work and life.

Do you offer services for businesses and organisations, as well as individuals?

Yes, we offer services for individuals, teams, and organisations. Our flexible approach ensures we cater to a diverse range of clients, whether they're managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, or professionals aspiring to grow.

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